Business Growth

A specialist programme concentrating on business growth, innovation and acquisition.


Most organisations have a desire for growth. Many do not have a clear and focussed strategy in this area. Vision 4 works with organisations to expand standard business planning into a defined growth strategy, supporting in market research, planning, structure and implementation as appropriate.


The prime objective is sustainable growth which exceeds existing capabilities and results.

Standard Business Planning is designed to plan for the future of the business. Standard tools are applied, such as PEST and SWOT analyses. The end result of the process should be clear plan for the health of the business, inclusive of growth (market share, volume, sector position) and an Action Plan to deliver growth (marketing, operating capability, management). The reality is that in many organisations such planning is weak, lacking innovation and often based on predictions coming from the previous year’s performance.


To really challenge the position of the business, particularly looking beyond the next 12 months financial targets, may necessitate a more focussed approach; A Strategy for Growth


There are many ways to take this forward, perhaps best simplified into two approaches;


1. Organic;            Invest in the brand and capability of the business

2. Acquisitive;     Acquire new capability and market share



The former should come through a more strategic and challenging approach to the business planning, likely to be supported by a Change Management programme:

  • Brand and market position – serious evaluation of the value of the business in both current and future markets
  • Capability – does the capability of the business stand up to serious scrutiny? How do your competitors view your business?
  • Customers – key account planning, target business capability to meet existing and new customer needs
  • Leadership and management – Business Leaders need to focus on leadership, move the business forward, leave the managing to the Managers !


Acquisition (and mergers) has the potential to increase the rate of growth through some unique advantages over organic growth:

  • Investing into a new Customer base and expanding capability and services into existing income streams
  • Breaking into new sectors
  • Bringing in new people and technology
  • Creating a combined business capability that is more than the sum of the individual parts


Probably one of the most important factors is that the exercise itself sends such a strong message to employees, customers and competitors alike – this is a business that is going places !


It creates vitality

Growing Business provides a useful information source and focal point for relevant information

Interesting article on growth strategy from the Ivey Business Journal



How does Tesco achieve it’s growth plan ? They explain how in a simple Seven Part Strategy. Note – seven parts only for one of the largets and most dynamic Retailers in the world !



Harvard Business School article on Business Growth Strategy

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